bigwangz: omg i missed you where have you been ^_^

i’ve been busy with work stuff for the past month and idk why but somehow i just not that into kpop as i used to be (?) but well, spica flawless comeback kinda pulled me again and ladies’ code is also coming back so yeah i guess i’m here again

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Anonymous: ahhh i love this blog so much :D my favorites are 9muses, glam, sunny hill, and crayon pop, but i really feel for them girl groups who don't have large fanbases. stay swaggie~

adsjfklasdjkfjasdjf thank you for loving the blog despite the crappy edits and lack of updates <3 

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Hyori and her babies SPICA

Anonymous: dont u think ellien is annoying?

yep, annoyingly cute

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130808 Incheon Airport Departure
cr. 9mtime // DO NOT EDIT


130814 BlueOne Kpop Dream Festival
cr. 9inHeaven // DO NOT EDIT